Thursday, November 4, 2010

From the blogging world

By panipopos

I was surfing the net looking for photos from Samoa of koko, and came across Elizabeth's blog. She has kindly allowed me to use her photos, taken in Samoa, of koko beans being roasted and pounded the traditional way. Here you can see the beans being sorted. The burnt ones are no good.

The beans are shelled.
Then they're pounded by a happy person.

You can find more photos from Elizabeth's time in Samoa on her blog Dispatches from the South Seas.

Also check out La Cocinera Loca and their delicious panipopo. The buns look so scrumptious, they inspired me to make two batches for the weekend. I love seeing photos of how other people are making Samoan food. Just gotta be careful not to drool all over the keyboard. The cool thing here is that this blogger has translated our panipopo recipe into French(!), so now even more people can enjoy the wonderfulness that is Samoan cuisine.


  1. I've always been curious to see what koko beans look like and how they make the "block". LOve this stuff!!! ; )

  2. You're too funny in your comments and I enjoyed reading your blogs with your special humor :) I've checked out your recipes and there's no doubt you know your recipes. Thank you for staying true to the Samoan recipes and food that I remember eating when I was young-er. I could never get the panipopo recipe down and your recipe is definitely true-to-form so big kuddos to you.

  3. Hi Verne, thx for dropping by. This blog has been a trip down memory lane for myself as well. Hope we can keep our traditional foods alive.