Monday, February 7, 2011

Oka I'a Video

By panipopos

I really appreciate every email or comment I get, especially from people who have tried the recipes on this blog. Vali from Hawai'i wrote that her and her sister made keke pua'a and panipopo all in one weekend! She even sent photos which had me salivating at the computer. Check out Vali's baking:

She writes:
It was an amazing weekend of fun, baking,
bonding and great memories created.
Vali, you made me miss all those times I cooked with my sisters.
Thank you for sharing.

And thank you to all you readers that support and encourage this blog.

Here is the video for making oka i 'a. Enjoy!


  1. Love your blog, and all the recipes! I have a question though....

    I have a very special friend that is Samoan, and I want to share a special message in Samoan with him. Its short, but I was wondering if you could translate it for me. I've tried to find several websites online, with no luck...

    No biggie if you can't, but if you can (Before Valentine's Day) I'd appreciate it! Thanks a million! Please email me at

    I'm making your panipopos for him as well! Can't wait!

  2. Thx for visiting my blog...Language isn't my strong point, but I'll help you as best I can...Good luck with the panipopo! Heck, if someone gave me a tray of panipopo, I'd be all over

  3. You are AMAZING!! One of my husband's co-workers found you on youtube & told him about it. Your recipe for the keke pua'a is ON POINT!! :D My father inlaw worked for WONDER BREAD & OLD HOME for about 15 yrs & can make this same exact keke, but has no measurements whatsoever, as is with all polynesian food. Lol. So you are a lifesaver for our generation of FOOD LOVERS that are growing up here in the states where life gets really busy & we live too far from mom & dad to watch them DEMONSTRATE how much of this & that goes into everything. Lol.

    My husband's also made your half moon pie recipe & it was PERFECT!! We love you & thank you for your drive to do all this!! :D You are nothing short of AMAZING!!

  4. Thank you for your very kind and detailed comment. I'm working a lot slower these days because life is getting busy, but happy people like you keep me motivated. Thanks for trying out the recipes and for the invaluable feedback. I really appreciate it!

  5. love it. cant wait to try this. what kind of fish are the best for the oka i'a?

  6. if this is your first oka, try fresh fresh snapper or tuna...but almost any new seafood works, like mussels, scallops, crab...

  7. Love your recipes and have to try them all. Panipopo is high on the list.

    I was wondering if the raw fish is dangerous to eat or does the lemon juice make it safe from bad bacteria and worms etc?