Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fa'ausi video


  1. WOOOAH!!! Your recipes look so awesome!
    I'm thinking of making some fa'ausi for my dad, because the ladies in our church made some for a fundraiser, but didn't ask my dad if he wanted to buy some. That was possibly the most depressed I've ever seen him, lol.
    So when I get the time, I'm going to try and make it like you, (keyword: try).
    Fa'afetai tele lava!

  2. oh my! that looks delicious and i can't wait to try it. i've been taking it easy in the kitchen as i'm getting further along in my pregnancy but the cravings for samoan food are still there! i may just have to get up and just make some fa'ausi:) thanks for the video!

  3. Timi: They love it when we make the old-skool food, so by all means, make him some fa'ausi...Get him out of his

    Pattersons: That's super news...when are you due?...

  4. hi! i'm due first week of june...about 8 weeks left, AND it's another girl, #4! looks like my son will just have to settle on no bros. and 4 sisters:) we're kids get so excited when they see me in the kitchen... who am i kidding-i get excited too when i'm in the kitchen! a couple of weeks ago i made panipopo & i thought of you:) my kids LOVE panipopo-it's perhaps their favorite-and of course one of mine. have a wonderful weekend and maybe i'll be able to convince my uncle or dad to try the fa'ausi if i can't find my way to the kitchen to make it myself!:)

  5. Well, congratulations!! My brother grew up with five of us girls, and I think he's a better man because of'm amazed you even have time to cook with 4 and a half kids...Samoan Superwoman you are...Good luck with the birth of your next child, and THANK YOU for being a regular here at Panipopos' Kitchen...

  6. Hi, what are the instructions for faausi taro please? Do we just make it the way the maukegi is done, but instead of mashed pumpkin, we mash the taro? I would really like to make it for Mother's Day. Thanks :-)

    1. Just grate the taro and form into fa'apapa. Bake and then coat with sauce as above. Good luck!