Friday, February 10, 2012

Koko Samoa Suppliers

Since this site has been up, I've had a lot of enquiries for koko samoa suppliers. I know of three excellent sources that ship overseas and I'm going to tell you about two of them. (The third source is my sister D, and somehow I don't think she'd appreciate you guys emailing her for koko).

The first source is an internet vendor called ParadiseGypsy (catchy name right?). She sells Samoan goods such as crafts and jewellery, as well as our beloved koko samoa. The great thing about her koko is that it arrives at her place warm and unset - in other words, it is super fresh. She actually has to wait for it to harden before she can ship it off to you. This freshness is probably why she sends volumes of koko to the States and Australia. 

Of course, she also does smaller individual orders. She tells me that she can provide other local foodstuffs that are not on her website and has even, on occasion, shipped Vailima! I have ordered koko from her in the past and found both the price of her koko and the sending costs to be very reasonable (she ships via American Samoa). Check out her website and send her an email if you are interested in ordering. 

The second source for koko samoa is Wilex Samoa, who export a range of cocoa, coconut and chocolate products. Since 1996, this company has been doing amazing things with koko samoa, such as creating boutique chocolates with coconut, nonu and other tropical fruits dipped in French cognac. All their products are GM free (not genetically modified) and arrive packed in retail bags. Visit their website, or email Eddie Wilson, who is the Managing Director, for more details on their products and shipping.  

Now all you koko-heads out there, you have no reason to be using powdered cocoa for your next koko alaisa. Buy the real thing and support some local Samoan businesses. Yay!


  1. I would also like to post here that I sell Koko Samoa. I live in the US so there is no hassle of shipping over-seas. I will ship via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the US, so you will have them in 2-3 days. I sell them for $7 per block + Shipping (I will work with you on the shipping of multiples). Order as many as you like. I have a Facebook Page ( and I am also working on a website.

    1. Nice to see you here Josh. I will add your website to the 'buy koko' tab above once your page is up and running. Good luck!

  2. im looking for suppliers for taro, taro leaves, fresh fish, samoa sausage, mamoe etc.

  3. Looks like the Paradise Gypsy site is down. Seems to be harder to find Koko Samoa