Monday, March 12, 2012

Hot Samoan Boys

I'm driving through some random place in Samoa and see a young man alongside the road. Perhaps he's balancing a load of coconuts over his shoulder and heading home. Maybe he's playing volleyball or soccer. Perhaps he's just sitting around, laughing with friends, shooting the breeze. He casually throws my car a look of mild curiousity. and I glance at him with nonchalance, at first. That look soon turns to one of open appreciation, as I realise I'm looking at one of the finest specimens of male on God's green earth: A Hot Samoan Boy.

A thrill courses through me as I take in his sleek physique, his even, white smile and his confident, carefree swagger. My pulse starts racing and I'm slightly breathless. I find myself self-consciously smoothing down my hair and cranking up the air-conditioner because it's suddenly gotten hot. As his figure becomes a receding dot in my rear-view mirror, I'm thinking three things.

If you could take that electric thrill, that fiery excitement, that tingly rushing sensation, catch it in a bottle and slap a label on it, what would you call it?

Stella Muller found the perfect name: Hot Samoan Boys Chilli Sauce.

Stella and her husband are responsible for branding and marketing this hot new product from Samoa. She came up with the catchy, saucy name, which by the way, is meant to be completely non-sexual (the driving fantasy above belongs to my own lecherous imagination). 

Stella has graciously taken a bit of time to tell us a bit about this fantastic homegrown sauce.

What makes Hot Samoan Boys Chilli Sauce different from other chilli sauces? Hot Samoan Boys Chilli sauce is different from other sauces because it is:

*         An unblended sauce - HSBC is made from 100% Birds eye chilli,
unlike others that will use a mix of different chillis in their sauce

*         Created from birds eye chilli, planted and hand-picked from
villages across Samoa

*         The only chilli sauce made out of Samoa, the cradle of the Pacific

What's the best way to eat your chilli sauce? (ie. best food combinations)
HSBC is a great accompaniment to any meal, however some favourites include:

*         Raw fish - a few dashes of HSBC give any raw fish a nice kick

*         Pork - specifically pig on a spit or roast pork -  if apple
sauce is getting a bit tired, try some HSBC and you will notice the

*         Pacific Bloody Mary - Same recipe as a Bloody Mary, however
instead of using Tobasco sauce , use HSBC.

Basically you can use HSBC any way you like as it gives a nice kick, but
unlike sauces with Habanero or hotter chillis, you can still enjoy and
taste what you are eating.

How can international buyers get some?
International customers can find out how to order by visiting our website or Facebook page.

I can already think of a million and one ways to use Samoa's very own Chilli Sauce. And if you need just a tiny bit more incentive to try it, here it is:

Go get your Hot! Samoan Boys Chilli Sauce today!


  1. I love this! Especially the intro...Hot Samoan Boy. I had the privilege of meeting Stella at a recent Pacifica Womens Conference and was so impressed by her vision and work ethic. Great idea for marketing of Samoan chili sauce. (I think Hot Samoan Boys Chilli Sauce is going to feature in the next Telesa book now. PLenty hot stuff in there! lol)
    Lani Young

    1. Hope you are doing another blog book tour. Can I prebook a date? Would love to have Daniel- I mean, you, appear on the blog again.

  2. Very hot hot sauce, but it's a winner! Love it!

  3. Great idea. The guy in the ad's more like Laughing With Samoans than Hot! Samoan Boy. ;o)

  4. LOve the ad with Tofiga - he should've dressed up as Aunty Tala for more impact! Hot Samoan boys chilli sauce hmmm... can't wait to try it

    1. That's a great idea. Maybe Stella will use it in future campaigns.