Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Release: Mea'ai Samoa

Okay, I know this page is starting to read like a book club and not like a food blog, but tough, it's my page and I'll do what I want.

On that surprisingly belligerent note, I have EXCITING news. Like very VERY exciting news. Exciting FOOD-RELATED news. It's so exciting that my caps lock is getting bit of a workout today.

Finally, finally, FINALLY, Samoa has its very own cookbook.
Choohoohooooooo! (if you don't know what that last one is, you need to visit Samoa).

Penned by the the award-winning team that put Pacific Island food on the map with their book Me'a Kai, their latest work is completely and totally dedicated to Samoan food. Check out the stunning cover.

(Copyright: Random House)
This gorgeous 288 page hardcover book is available for pre-order here or from the publisher, Random House.

Mea'ai Samoa showcases Samoan cuisine like no other publication before it, and it focuses on the traditional food of Samoa, the stories of the organic farmers and their land, and on the amazing natural paradise that is SAMOA. Knowing the fantastic job that was done with Me'a Kai, I have no trouble wholeheartedly recommending this current book to all you Samoan food fans. If any of you have been searching for the definitive Samoan cookbook, this is probably it, so make sure you pre-order your copy so you don't miss out.

From Real Pasifik/Zoomslide
I know you all must be as excited about this new publication as I am, but (yes...there's a 'but') it won't be out for a few more months, some time mid-October. However, to bridge the wait, Chef Robert Oliver is hosting Real Pasifik, a new television series dedicated to Pacific Island food which premieres next week. So if you're in New Zealand, you lucky bugger you, then tune into TV 1 on Saturday 7th September (See schedule on the right).

Also, Chef Oliver has done a TEDtalk which you can watch below. Let's support this amazing man and his team who are taking Pacific food to the world and to a whole new level.



  1. This is supposed to have traditional Samoan foods not recipes

  2. How can we get a copy in the US? This link says only NZ. :(

    1. Try Fishpond.com which has free delivery worldwide.

  3. please can you post the pagikeke pokopoko recipe i baked my first pagipopo and thank you🤗☕