my motivation

I grew up eating delicious Samoan food, and lots of it. Problem was, whenever I asked someone for a recipe, I was told in typical Samoan style, just use a handful of this, and two spoonfuls (read 'soup ladles') of that. How much you used of one ingredient depended on how much you used of another ingredient, and that of course, depended on how many people you wanted to feed, and short, Samoans use experience and intuition to cook, not recipes.

Well, I can’t help with the experience/intuition part, but hopefully this blog can help with the recipes. I want anyone who is interested in Samoan food to be able to prepare this unique cuisine in their own homes, and for those like me who are far from home, I hope this blog helps you recreate island flavours whenever you crave them, wherever in the world you are. Most of all, I hope this food is as delicious as the originals I grew up with.